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Our NEW Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix is Easy-As-Pie {Giveaway}

Did you know that the phrase “Easy as Pie” actually refers to eating pie? Yeah, me neither. I got curious one day after we started playing around with this new product. I knew it couldn’t be right, because making pie is anything but easy. Turns out that I was right about the saying and wrong about making pie. This new pie crust mix that we’ve just released is really easy to make. As with any pie crust, the key points are cold butter (or shortening), ice cold water and a little patience.

New Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix from Bob's Red Mill

I am not joking when I say that we must have tested at least a dozen slightly different flour blends before picking the one that we felt produced just the right results. There was a time this summer when there was a new apple pie (or two) to taste every single day at our office. It got to the point where you sort of counted on that piece of pie to go with your cup of coffee. We tested A LOT of pie and the thing we heard over and over again was, “is this really gluten free?” People didn’t believe that a gluten free crust could produce results like a wheat-based crust. It was flaky and buttery and all the delicious things a pie should be. It wasn’t pale or gummy or hard-as-a-rock. Our pie was golden brown, light and crispy. 

We have blended very fine rice flours with potato starch and tapioca flour to produce a beautiful texture and added a dash of xanthan gum to help the crust hold together and a sprinkle of sugar and sea salt to complement your fillings. The crust is not too sweet, so it’s perfect for savory or sweet pies. Not only did we work really hard on the recipe, but we spent a lot of time on the directions. We want your gluten free pie crust to be perfect! On top of that, we developed quite a few stellar pie recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. From apple and pumpkin pie to turkey pot pie, strawberry hand pies and almond pear galettes, you can find all of our delicious pie recipes here.

Now, we want you to try it!

Win it! New Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix from Bob's Red Mill

WIN IT I am giving away not one, not two, but FIVE gluten free pie crust sets. Each set will include two packages of gluten free pie crust mix, a recipe book and a pie server, all contained in a beautiful, hand-crafted Pie Box. You’ll be all set for your holiday gatherings. If you don’t win, we’re going to be doing some more fun promotions as the holidays grow closer, so watch the blog or our Facebook page for more opportunities to win.

To enter, follow the prompts below (be sure to click on the “leave a comment” to see what the secret question is, then click on “I did it”) and we’ll select five winners at random from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 10/23/13.

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Susan Brooks says:

I love apple pie, although chocolate cream is a close second, unless you talk about strawberry rhubarb or…. well you get the idea, I love pie. Can’t wait to try your mix.

Kerri says:


Jen Chastain-Escalante says:

Apple pie! But I really like strawberry rhubarb, too! Oh, and banana creme! And and and. 😉

Barbara says:


JeanC says:

MMMMMMMMMM! Pie! Huckleberry pie 😀

Elizabeth S. says:

I like Apple Pie because it’s so fun to weave or make leaf cut-outs for the crust. More room for creativity than the others 🙂

Cheri says:

Strawberry Rhubarb

Jill says:

Banana cream

Shoua says:

Apple cheesecake crumble pie my favor 🙂

Genevieve says:

Pecan Pie!

Kim says:

Blueberry or apple

Ana says:

Pumpkin Pie is a MUST next month and my favorite!

kari says:

mmmmmm….bourbon chocolate pie!

... says:

Strawberry rhubarb with crumble topping!

Gwen Remington says:

Cherry pie!

Kate says:

Good old cherry!

Weeks says:

I like pies that are seasonal. Apple, apple-cranberry, pecan or pumpkin in fall and winter, Key Lime, lemon meringue or strawberry rhubarb in spring, and blueberry, peach or mixed berry in summer. Can’t wait to try this mix!

Niki says:

All types…but chocolate and apple top the list.

amanda says:

French apple is my favorite. The crumbly top is oh so good

Megan says:

Apple, of course. With Apple Hill Apples from Camino, CA

Suzie says:

Love to bake and have loved how the items I’ve used with Red Mill products have turned out. Even the consistency and smell of your products is superior.

Suzie says:

Forgot to add I love apple pie.

AnnaLiese says:

Strawberry Rhubarb

Genevieve Wagner says:

Peach is my very favorite, but a good old apple pie is pretty awesome, too! I cannot wait to try this crust!

karenp83 says:

Pecah, with pumpkin a close second

Cindy says:

I love almost all pie, but pumpkin is my favorite.

Cristina Manier says:

Any pie I am presented with! Apple, pumpkin, meringue, pecan, strawberry….

Beth says:

Apple pie, pecan pie, chicken pot pie…

Joann says:

Coconut Creme Pie!

Roberto says:


Anita G says:


Pat Gaston says:

Can’t wait! Trying Gluten free products for myself….love Bob’s Red Mill stuff!

courtney says:

Lemon merengue pie is my whole family’s fave!

Pat Gaston says:

Coconut Cream pie! Yummy { rolls eyes} !

Kayla Anderson says:

Banana Cream Pie!

Kristi says:

Chocolate cream. I use my grandmother’s family recipe.

carl oldham says:


carl oldham says:

With ice cream, vanilla bean!

Leah says:

Strawberry rhubarb

Kelly Newman says:

Dutch Apple Pie is my favorite!! But, I also love Bob’s Red Mills Brownie Mix!

Ivy says:

Warm Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream

Melinda combs says:

from scratch “Homemade pumpkin pie” no canned pumpkin

jeni lutz says:

I love Apple pie

Christine says:

Sweet potato pie <3

Laurel says:

Cheddar Pear pie

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