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Our NEW Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix is Easy-As-Pie {Giveaway}

Did you know that the phrase “Easy as Pie” actually refers to eating pie? Yeah, me neither. I got curious one day after we started playing around with this new product. I knew it couldn’t be right, because making pie is anything but easy. Turns out that I was right about the saying and wrong about making pie. This new pie crust mix that we’ve just released is really easy to make. As with any pie crust, the key points are cold butter (or shortening), ice cold water and a little patience.

New Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix from Bob's Red Mill

I am not joking when I say that we must have tested at least a dozen slightly different flour blends before picking the one that we felt produced just the right results. There was a time this summer when there was a new apple pie (or two) to taste every single day at our office. It got to the point where you sort of counted on that piece of pie to go with your cup of coffee. We tested A LOT of pie and the thing we heard over and over again was, “is this really gluten free?” People didn’t believe that a gluten free crust could produce results like a wheat-based crust. It was flaky and buttery and all the delicious things a pie should be. It wasn’t pale or gummy or hard-as-a-rock. Our pie was golden brown, light and crispy. 

We have blended very fine rice flours with potato starch and tapioca flour to produce a beautiful texture and added a dash of xanthan gum to help the crust hold together and a sprinkle of sugar and sea salt to complement your fillings. The crust is not too sweet, so it’s perfect for savory or sweet pies. Not only did we work really hard on the recipe, but we spent a lot of time on the directions. We want your gluten free pie crust to be perfect! On top of that, we developed quite a few stellar pie recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. From apple and pumpkin pie to turkey pot pie, strawberry hand pies and almond pear galettes, you can find all of our delicious pie recipes here.

Now, we want you to try it!

Win it! New Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix from Bob's Red Mill

WIN IT I am giving away not one, not two, but FIVE gluten free pie crust sets. Each set will include two packages of gluten free pie crust mix, a recipe book and a pie server, all contained in a beautiful, hand-crafted Pie Box. You’ll be all set for your holiday gatherings. If you don’t win, we’re going to be doing some more fun promotions as the holidays grow closer, so watch the blog or our Facebook page for more opportunities to win.

To enter, follow the prompts below (be sure to click on the “leave a comment” to see what the secret question is, then click on “I did it”) and we’ll select five winners at random from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 10/23/13.

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Rhonda says:

Cherry Almond runs neck-n-neck to Key Lime. I’m alone in this with my family – so I always make apple crisp for them. Looking forward to trying the GF pie crust mix!!

Jennifer Kray says:

I have always loved fruit pies, especially strawberry rhubarb pie!! Thanks for the chance!!

Sarah Ellis says:

I love anything lemon, so lemon chiffon would be my first choice!

Bob Ellis says:

I love all pie! Never met a pie I didn’t like!

Jillybean says:

Apple pie is the best! I use a combination of different apples to bring out all the nuances of their flavor. Can’t wait to try making one with this gluten-free pie crust.

Sarah Ellis says:

Lemon Chiffon!

Jennifer says:

Strawberry Rhubarb pie for me!

Chris says:

Pecan pie! Especially with just a touch of bourbon for flavor – mmmmmmm …

Jennica says:

My favorite pie is apple a la mode!

Amanda says:

pumpkin pie

Melinda combs says:

love my pumpkin pie but it has to be Fresh pumpkin not canned.

JANY FRY says:

Homemade pecan pie topped with whipped cream.

Leticia says:

Homemade Pecan Pie is hands down a family favorite!

Mary says:

lemon meringue

Kirsten says:

Apple pie!

Lita says:

I always make the crust from the scratch, but it would be lovely for a change. Blueberry pie..Yummmm!!!

seham says:


Karen says:

Chocolate Cream Pie and Pizza Pie

Sina says:

I love rhubarb pie. It’s my favorite!! My mom used to make it when we were little and now that I am a mom myself I love to make it, too. I would love to #win. I love Bob’s Red Mill Products and I love baking. This would be perfect to start off the holiday season! #fingerscrossed

Stacy says:

Cherry Pie!

Christie says:

Coconut Custard 🙂

Pauline says:

Apple caramel pecan pie

Ginny says:

Rhubarb custard!

Cindy Stiefermann says:

My favorite is apple pie and pecan pie!

Tracie says:

Pecan pie!

chris cousineau says:

it would be great to win this, especially with the holidays coming up!!!

Jenni says:

lemon ice box pie!

chris cousineau says:

my favorite pie is chocolate.

Becca F says:

French Silk Pie

Victoria says:

Strawberry pie 😉

Kim Weisser says:

Anything blueberry!

Emily says:


wendy says:

apple pie

Andrea says:

Blackberry raspberry pie is my favorite

Megan C says:

Apple pie!

Bonnie says:

Coconut Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I make Gluten-Free Baked Goods for Farmer’s Markets and make pies all of the time. Would love to try a new pie crust.

Monica Powell says:

Apple pie!!

Teresa says:

Tart cherry pie

Margaret Dombrowski says:

Lemon meringue pie 🙂

Betsi says:

At this time of the year – Pumpkin!!!!

Lynn says:

Dutch apple with a crumb top. mmmmmmm!!!

Janice says:

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie!

Kimberly R says:

My favorite pie is pumpkin pie.

Karen Spoo says:

Gma’s Apple Pie and well, pie!

Diana Rueweler says:

Pumpkin Pie from my brother’s farm pumpkins.

Jenni Smith says:

Pecan PIe!

Deb says:

Apple pie, Reese’s pie, strawberry pie, s’mores!

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