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Nutty about Nut Flours {Giveaway}

It’s terrible, I know. I just couldn’t help myself. Nut flours have been very popular lately on blogs and recipe sites. We’ve noticed that almost everyone is trying almond meal these days, although what they’re doing with it is pretty varied. Some people are making decadent desserts, like French macarons and frangipane, while others are using it to cut back on carbohydrate consumption. Still others are trying to mix it up a bit and use it as a more nutritious alternative to bread crumbs in their cooking. Recipes using almond meal.

Coconut flour has also become very popular with bakers and low-carbers, alike. It’s a little more tricky to add into your baking, but that isn’t stopping people from experimenting. From lighter versions of favorite baked goods to savory cooking applications, coconut flour is bringing new inspiration into kitchens. Due to its high fiber content, coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid. Older recipes using coconut flour often call for obscene amounts of eggs. As more bloggers and recipe developers experiment with it, the recipes are changing to call for alternative liquids and not relying so heavily on eggs. Recipes using coconut flour.

Did you know we also make hazelnut meal? It can be used in the same way as almond meal, but will give you a different flavor profile. Unlike almond meal, hazelnut meal is ground from whole hazelnuts with the skins intact. It might not be as light and pretty as almond meal, but it’s equally as tasty. Recipes using hazelnut meal.


Whether you just want to try something new or are trying out a diet, these flours are a fun way to get creative in the kitchen. To celebrate these wonderful ingredients, we’re giving away three gifts sets containing one each of Coconut Flour, Hazelnut Meal and Almond Meal. All three of these flours are gluten free, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

To Enter:

In the comments, tell us what you do with Almond Meal, Hazelnut Meal or Coconut Flour? Never used it? Tell us what you want to do with it. Be sure to use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. Leave a comment and click on “I did this” in the app. We’ll select three winners using this app from all those who enter by 12:01 am on Tuesday, January 8th.

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Kate says:

I use almond meal in almond cookies!! Sprinkle crushed peppermint candies on top before baking. So good!! My new favorite holiday cookie.

Jessica says:

Flourless chocolate torte

Jessica says:

Flourless chocolate torte
Breading for coconut shrimp

Elena Vo says:

I’d make some pumpkin almond bread that my sister told me about last month. She read the recipe in a magazine somewhere (she’s been gluten-free for a year now). Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Gina Lickliter says:

I use both almond and coconut flours in baking recipes, though I have yet to perfect them! I’ve been mixing coconut flour into peanut butter, along with a few other ingredients, to make a healthy wheat-free ‘dough’ in which to hide our dogs’ medication.

Nicole says:

I’ve never used these but was just debating buying Bob’s almond meal/flour at the store last weekend. I’d love to try this in baked goods.

Nicole H. | Baking it on My Own says:

I have never used any of these nut flours, but really would love to try them all. I think I would start by trying a scone recipe with the coconut and a brownie recipe with the hazelnut!!

Nicolle says:

I have never used nut meals, but would love to substitute them for flour in things I love to make – pancakes, cookies, and much more.

Wendy A says:

I am wanting to learn more about using these nut flours as part of a “paleo” diet.

Camille says:

I use almond meal regularly in baked goods. I have not yet tried the coconut or hazelnut flours but would love to. I am going to check the blog recipes for some new ideas.

Rosie says:

I use nut flours in making energy bars / protein bars – I ADORE them and I’m always experimenting and trying new commercial bars. I mix them with dried fruits and other ingredients, too. My fav are no-bake bars. I also use these flours in making cookies!!! I luv doing something just a little different and utterly healthy & nutritious!!!

Word Lily says:

I’ve used almond meal in gf flour mixes, but it’s been awhile now. I’d love to use all of them more!

Anna Popescu says:

I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I have to eat gluten-free and these kinds of flours are the mainstay of my diet.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Jenna says:

I love baking with almond flour! My favorite recipe is a brown butter pound cake with almond flour.

Anne says:

I made some amazing chocolate french macarons with the almond flour. They were so good that I made another batch the next day!!!

Ivy says:

I use coconut flour to make the most delicious donuts, and almond flour in my cauliflower crust pizza. I’m dying to get my hands on some hazelnut flour, so I can recreate a caramelized onion tart that my friend made for Christmas. The hazelnut crust was to die for.

Kyle Schwartz says:

My girlfriend loves to bake, and we love to bake together. However, I have developed an intolerance to gluten, which means I cannot enjoy anything we bake, or anything that she bakes for me for that matter. She just received two cupcake cookbooks and one cookie cookbook for Christmas, and I would love to use some coconut flour for some of those recipes.

I love to use nut flours in my baked goods. I have used them in cookies, cakes, pizza crust, pancakes, truffles and to coat fish and chicken before baking. I love nut flours. So healthy and packed with protein, minerals and vitamins. YUMMO! Thank you Bob & your team at the Red Mill for offering us the opportunity to win great healthy prizes!

Tina T says:

I LOVE almond flour. I use it most for chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin doughnuts. I think I like them even better than the wheat versions!

Karen says:

I’d make vegan chocolate chip cookies with almond flour

Jordan D says:

I’ve never used these flours, but would love to try some gluten free baking recipes with them. A lot of blogs I read use the coconut flour to make cookies or microwave cakes, I’m dying to give them a shot!

Susan Svec says:

I want to learn how to bake with these alternative flours so that I can eliminate wheat from my diet.

Laura says:

Last night I pan fried tilapia using almond meal as a coating. It did not all stick to the fish, but it was very tasty.

I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to use any of these products, but I’d love to! I want to try out different cake, bread and muffin recipes.

Cecilia says:

MMmmm…I LOVE using the coconut flour for a gluten free coconut macaroon! Sooooo easy and sooooo yummy 🙂

Athena says:

I just bought my first bag of your almond flour last night and used it in a grain-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. My husband and I LOVED them! I will make more grain-free snacks if I win this! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Susan K. says:

I would creat new recipes and convert old ones. I am currently experimenting with your garbanzo bean flour.

carole says:

I have not used nut flours yet,but am looking forward to picking up some Bob’s almond flour next shopping trip. I love the Bob’s brownie and cake mixes.

meredith says:

Ive used almond meal to make cookies, super yummy!

Amanda Lasky says:

I use the almond to make healthy cookies and snack bars. It would be great to try the hazelnut in pancakes!

Sarah says:

I want to find a way to incorporate it into baking a Hawaiian Pizza.

Robin says:

I have never used any of these flours, but would love to try them ALL in a variety of recipes! There are so many that sound amazing in the links you provided, I would probably try several of each 🙂

Kitty says:

I’d make a pie crust and the almond meal bread.

Walter says:

I am diabetic, and my resolution for 2013 is to live healthier. Since I love to cook, I am always looking for new and better ways to make a mess in my kitchen! I have only just started reading about using nut flours, and would love the opportunity to be able to experiment with the three mentioned in this blog!

Courtney L. says:

I am interested in using almond and coconut flours to make grain-free breads for our family who tends toward a Paleo diet. Thank you!

Audrey says:

I’m using the almond meal to make some vegan almond feta.

Nancy G says:

I would love to try these flours in my favorite cookie recipe.

jacquie says:

have never used any of them but would like to try all of them. i would probably start with the coconut cookies made with the coconut flour. or perhaps the cherry coconut banana bread.

Cristie says:

My boyfriend and I have given up all sugar, including grains. We make everything from cookies to tortillas to banana bread with almond and coconut meal. I have yet to try the hazelnut flour, but I have big plans for it already. I think it would make excellent cookies and pancakes.

Finally got around to doing some GF baking over the winter holiday season. And now I’ve got my eyes on an almond citrus cake. Looking forward to giving that a try.

Kelly says:

My brother has been wheat-free for 6 months- he looks and feels amazing. I am trying to go wheat-free as well, I have found that my whole family loves flaxseed meal and we would love to try these nut flours too!

Stacy says:

I have not tried any of these, but saw one of them in the store and was intrigued. They all sound great, and I would experiment with them in baking.

Melissa says:

We love to cook with almond flour, biscuits, breads, granola bars, etc. I’ve only dabbled with coconut flour but would love to try a coconut flour tortilla recipe I found recently.

Katelyn says:

I am just starting a gluten free diet and would love to try making cookies with almond flour!

Bonny says:

I love to make cookies and waffles and cakes and . . . . .it is all GOOD!

Jabbara says:

I’ve used the almond flour to make my favorite Yammie Paleo Cookies. I’ve used the filbert flour in pie crusts. I love all three of these flours.

Heidi B says:

I use Almond and Coconut flours a lot when making certain cakes and cookies and even bread depending on flavor. When don’t buy the Hazelnut because it’s one of my son’s biggest allergens, but would love the others!

Jennifer Caslin says:

I would really like to try to make my mom’s sugar cookies and get the taste and texture as close as possible to hers.

Jerry Weil says:

I use coconut flour all the time! It’s my favorite flour to use for cookies (I’ve been gluten/dairy free for 5 years). It’s great because it has a natural sweetness and requires less sugar. I would love to do more with almond flour, but it’s so expensive! I have in the past ground almonds myself to add to my pancake or waffle mix (which I make with a combo of garbanzo bean, brown rice, and coconut flour).

Loreen says:

I’ve not tried any nut flours yet, but would love to see how they taste in baked goods. Love Bob’s Red Mill products!

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