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Nutty about Nut Flours {Giveaway}

It’s terrible, I know. I just couldn’t help myself. Nut flours have been very popular lately on blogs and recipe sites. We’ve noticed that almost everyone is trying almond meal these days, although what they’re doing with it is pretty varied. Some people are making decadent desserts, like French macarons and frangipane, while others are using it to cut back on carbohydrate consumption. Still others are trying to mix it up a bit and use it as a more nutritious alternative to bread crumbs in their cooking. Recipes using almond meal.

Coconut flour has also become very popular with bakers and low-carbers, alike. It’s a little more tricky to add into your baking, but that isn’t stopping people from experimenting. From lighter versions of favorite baked goods to savory cooking applications, coconut flour is bringing new inspiration into kitchens. Due to its high fiber content, coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid. Older recipes using coconut flour often call for obscene amounts of eggs. As more bloggers and recipe developers experiment with it, the recipes are changing to call for alternative liquids and not relying so heavily on eggs. Recipes using coconut flour.

Did you know we also make hazelnut meal? It can be used in the same way as almond meal, but will give you a different flavor profile. Unlike almond meal, hazelnut meal is ground from whole hazelnuts with the skins intact. It might not be as light and pretty as almond meal, but it’s equally as tasty. Recipes using hazelnut meal.


Whether you just want to try something new or are trying out a diet, these flours are a fun way to get creative in the kitchen. To celebrate these wonderful ingredients, we’re giving away three gifts sets containing one each of Coconut Flour, Hazelnut Meal and Almond Meal. All three of these flours are gluten free, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

To Enter:

In the comments, tell us what you do with Almond Meal, Hazelnut Meal or Coconut Flour? Never used it? Tell us what you want to do with it. Be sure to use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. Leave a comment and click on “I did this” in the app. We’ll select three winners using this app from all those who enter by 12:01 am on Tuesday, January 8th.

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Char Dobson says:

I have used coconut flour to make zucchini loaf. So good! Haven’t tried the almond flour yet; but would like to as many recipes call for it. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

Megan G says:

I’ve never used packaged nut meals, but would love to try them to boost protein / lower carbohydrate content in meals, increasing healthy fats. I do enjoy making nut butters in the ol’ food processor.

Joan Young says:

Almond flour is perfect for a base when making fresh fruit galettes. The flour mixes with the fruit juices while baking and thickens after it comes out of the oven. YUM.

Recently my youngest son’s girl friend has learned she is GF. New to me! Nut flours are the answer to my dilemma as I try to bake without traditional flours.

Thank you, Bob’s Red Mill for all you provide and all you do!

lisa says:

Would love to try some of these products! Trying to go gluten free!! Have tried some products and love them!!Also, the online prices are AWESOME!!

Lisa says:

I have baked with almond flour, but never tried coconut or hazelnut flours! Almond flour makes good waffles and pancakes.

Stephanie says:

I am looking forward to trying to make macarons, but there are quite a few blogers out there making super healthy stuff with these flours and I simply can’t find them in stores.

melanie says:

I use coconut flour for pancakes & cookies. And I use almond meal for cookies & macaroons. Would love to try the hazelnut meal to make raw desserts.

kathy says:

I have celiac so I use almond flour in my baking flour mix. I sometimes add or substitute coconut flour depending on the recipe, I have not tried hazelnut flour yet.
thanks for the chance to win-I would love that-your products and recipes are the best Kathy

Tara M. says:

We have gone almost totally wheat, more specifically gluten free for health purposes. Would LOVE to try all of the flour alternatives to assist in continuing a healthy lifestyle.

Diana G says:

I have been put on the FODMAP diet and would like to use the almond meal to make baked goods and pancakes. I think the hazelnut flour would be fantastic for linzer cookies.

I make chocolate chip cookies using almond flour and they come out great. They’re quite filling, so you don’t eat as many. I also use it in place of breadcrumbs on fish.

R. Vinson says:

My sons’s doctor has recommended a gluten free diet. I would like to try these flour alternatives. Thanks.

I bake muffins, cookies, and cakes with almond flour. I have also used coconut flour to make cakes and cookies. I would love to try hazelnut flour!

Allison says:

Perfect timing for those new year’s resolutions

I use almond meal as breading in a lot of the recipes on my site. I haven’t tried coconut flour or hazelnut meal. But I would LOVE to!

Whitney says:

Would like to experiment with them in breads and granola.

Melissa Burk says:

I want to make citrus almond cake. mmmmm

Kenneth Hoskin says:

I use coconut flour instead of cake flour or rice flour or cornstarch as the first coating ingredient for tempura – it works just as well and adds flavor.

Melankalia says:

I cannot wait to try the hazelnut meal!!

Sophia says:

I use nut flours in gluten free baking. Nice to add texture and nutritional value.

zosia says:

coconut flour – thickener for my mini meat-loafs…and almond and hazlenut meal – nut/fruit truffles 🙂

Deanna Minetola says:

Bake with it! Now I want to try coconut bread and hazelnuts pancakes. I use almond meal all the time. I make a killer blueberry, cream cheese coffee cake that people beg for!

Margaret M says:

I use them in waffles, pancakes and quick breads

katy says:

always wanted to try!!!

Cassie H says:

My husband has gluten issues so I’m just learning to use these flours. I’ve only played with coconut flour so far by mixing it with other flours. Looking forward to learning more!

I used almond flour to make homemade low-carb pizza crusts. I also like to bake cookies using coconut flour & almond meal. So good!

caitlin tate says:

would love to use it for cookies

Peggy says:

Having a food blog about multiple food allergies, this would be a wonderful addition to my ‘must try’list. Love all your products that I already use!

Julie says:

I have used all three types–almond (I’ve made muffins and cookies with it), coconut (I’ve made cookies, but want to try pancakes) and hazelnut (made a pastry–not my best effort, but I want to try it again). I’d like to use it more often, but haven’t gotten the chance. It would be great to win this to allow me to try out more recipes.

Robin Scott says:

I have used both almond and coconut flour and love them both. Would love to try the hazel nut flour in my gluten free German Chocolate Cake.

Julie says:

I make blueberry muffins with coconut flour and fresh blueberries!!! The best gluten free muffins I have so far!!

Aneesa says:

I would like to use the almond flour to make almond cookies as well as sub in any of the three to make carrot cake!

Kelly D says:

I have never used these meals or flours, but I htink they would make great breads and muffins.

Heather says:

I need to eat gluten free and have never tried these specific flours, I see a lot of recipes for coconut flour that I’d like to try.

Heather Sage says:

I love using almond flour for frangipane, macaron and in an almond-raspberry tea cake. Haven’t really experimented with the other two flours . . . yet!

I would use the almond flour to make a frangipane and bake it with poached pears. I would use the hazelnut flour to make linzer bars with raspberry or fig preserves, and I would use the coconut flour along with the almond meal and BRM unsweetened coconut flakes to make coconut almond macaroons.
All of these recipes would be vegan, gluten-free, and delicious. I actually have all of these products stored in my freezer and am going to try out the recipes I am proposing!

Sarah Williams says:

I have used almond meal in breads and cookies!

Lethea B says:

I’ve never used those flours but I do love to bake and make bread and I just know I could create a “Loaf of Love” =D

Marit Saltrones says:

Oh, Almond Cake and Kringle and …

melissa s. says:

’ve never used packaged nut meals, but would love to try them to boost protein / lower carbohydrate content in meals, increasing healthy fats.

Jodi says:

My daughter has to eat gluten free. Thus far I’ve only used the AP flour, but I think it’s time to start experimenting with other flours and combinations. These would be great to try!!

Anna says:

I use almond meal as a coating for chicken fingers instead of bread crumbs. I love the texture and the nutty flavor it adds. I love hazelnuts, so I would absolutely love to try the hazelnut flour.

Lorraine says:

I have never used nut flours, but I would love to incorporate them into my various cookies, cakes, and muffins that I make on a regular basis.

Stacey Eisenberg says:

I use almond and hazelnut flours/ meals for a lot of recipes, including vegetarian chopped liver to soups to baked goods to vegan curry dishes, and more! Started using coconut oil recently, so the next step is coconut flour!!! Yum!!!

Carolyn b says:

I use coconut flour for pancakes and some other baked goods. Never used hazelnut flour, would love to try!!

LibbyO says:

I use coconut flour to make a light and GF pizza dough. It’s delish!

Using your Almond flour right now to make some yummy muffins!

Kathy says:

I’d use hazelnut and almond flours in a cake. Not sure about the coconut, but it’d be fun to experiment!

Erin says:

never used it but I’d like to try some gluten free baking!

cg says:

I’ve used almond meal in a recipe for really intense chocolate cookies. They were almost like truffles and the almond flour was the only flour in the recipe.*

I’ve never used coconut flour, but it sounds interesting.

The hazelnut flour sounds REALLY interesting, I like the taste of hazelnuts but they always seem to go rancid so very fast.

* Although it’s not related to this particular blog post, I thought I’d mention I modified that chocolate cookie recipe to use quinoa flour and ground chia seeds. The modification turned out well and I’m beginning to really like Bob’s ground quinoa flour, it has a really nice texture and moistness.

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