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Introducing Four New Granolas and a Chance to Win

Let me rephrase that… Introducing Two New Granolas and Two Reformulated Granolas! Yes, we’ve been working in our product development lab again which means we’ve got some new things to share with you.

We have always loved our granola, but over the years we have become disappointed with its lack of crunchy clusters and slightly embarrassed by its ingredients (read: maltodextrin). We wanted a clean ingredient list that we could bring home to our grandmothers and, gosh darn it, we wanted crunchy clusters to mix in our yogurt! We’ve spent the last few years tweaking and perfecting our granola until we came up with four granolas that we would feel confident entering in the state fair.

What did we do to make these granolas outshine their previous selves? First, we cleaned up the ingredient list a bit to use things like honey and molasses instead of maltodextrin. Second, we changed the equipment to allow for larger clumps of granola and prevent the clumps from jostling too much and crumbling apart. Finally, we decided to add two brand-new flavors to make these granolas even more irresistible—Cinnamon Raisin and Honey Oat (my personal fav). The two flavors we reformulated to be even more delicious are our Natural and our Apple Blueberry Granola.

These new granolas are available on our website (on sale for the month of April) and will start appearing on store shelves in the coming months. I wish I could say they were gluten-free, but I can’t. Rest assured, gluten free folks, we have something special in the works for you and hope to introduce it this fall.

We want to share our love for these new products by offering you a chance to be among the first to try them. I’m giving away four packages of granola- one of each flavor- to 10 lucky winners! AND I’m going to make it easy on you to enter.

How to Enter:

Four packages of granola is A LOT of granola, so all you need to do to enter is leave a comment here  on the blog or on our facebook page and tell me ONE person that you would share this prize pack with and why. I’m not going to tell you how you should share it, but it seems to me that everyone knows someone who would love a package of granola. I’ll select 10 entries by random selection from all of those who enter by 04/15/11 at midnight. I’ll announce winners on 04/18.


Gigi says:

I would share 1 bag with my dear friend who is struggling with dietary restrictions and loves granola! And I would share a second bag with the secretary at my husband’s office who has recently begun a healthy eating plan in order to lose weight and regain her health. She would appreciate the treat!

Skylor says:

What better way to wake up in the morning and eat delicious granola with my best friend and manager of the yoga studio that I own? yes please!

Sara says:

I’d share with my 4 year-old daughter, Summer and maybe also my husband 🙂 We enjoy granola, blueberries and Greek yogurt for breakfast…our favorite!!! Makes my daughter’s morning when I prepare it and she can take it to school with her.

Amanda Jane says:

I would share a bag with my boyfriend annnnd with my best friend! We are all trying to get healthy– eat whole grains, and on the weekends, I already use Bob’s oats for brunch. This would be GREAT on weekdays!!

Beth says:

I would share it with my husband, son, and grandson. They love granola and would love these.

Ruth says:

Would definitely share my granola with my husband. He is a granola lover and connoisseur!
We love your product!

Florence Penton says:

I would share this my mother & father which are both gluten intolerant as I am.

Tammy Turner says:

As an avid hiker, I would share the granola with my hiking partners. We are all looking for healthy and easy ways to get our breakfast and snacks out on the trail. These look really yummy and nutritious, can’t wait to try them out on trail!!

Kirsten says:

I’d share with my hubby since he’s a granola and Bob’s fan too.

Elizabet says:

I’d share the bag with my boyfriend because I want him to be around me for a very long time and eating granola is a shift in the right direction. Thank you folks!!

Libby says:

My husband, that boy can put away a lot of food 🙂

Jamie says:

I would share it with my 8 year old son who is very underweight & doesn’t seem to gain (no matter what we do.) Any food I can give him is a good thing & the healthier the better!

Keya Millionie says:

I would share it with my friend Crash! She loves Bob’s Red Mill and has a hard time finding gluten free foods. I would also share some with my friend Wryn since they also have a hard time finding/affording gluten free. ♥

Stephen says:

My mom. She’s always getting me healthy treats, so I could actually return the favor.

Bev says:

I would share it with my brother, since he loves oatmeal…but he needs to branch out and try granolas, which he would never do without a “nudge” and a freebie.

Colleen says:

That IS a lot of granola! I would share it with my roommate. She tends to eat a lot of processed food, so I would hope this change of pace would show her how GOOD real food is!

Kathie says:

I would share with my husband. He likes to mix different types of cereals together and he loves granola.

Leigh Ann says:

I would give a couple bags to my coworker, Kathleen. I just want her to know there is more to life than Nature Valley Granola. I think she’d love Bob’s for sure!

Dee says:

I try to make homemade granola every Sunday for the whole week. My Husband and I both have it every morning for breakfast, but sometimes I just don’t have time and it sure would be nice to have some around that’s of a high quality already made. since I have always been pleased with all your other products, I’m sure this would be no different.

I would share the granola with my loving boyfriend Brian….cause he’s a sweetheart and I gotta keep him healthy!

Catherine says:

I would share the granola with my friend Barb; we are both losing weight together, making more healthy choices with our food. Granola is something we both love!

Victoria says:

l would share these with my kids 😉

Leigh says:

I would share with my husband, who has been my granola guinea pig:

Jacqueline says:

Granola for the people…I am one of the people. Granola for me (please)!

Ann says:

Yogurt, topped with granola, topped with fresh berries: Breakfast!!

Mel says:

I would share your new granolas with my 20-year-old son who bike races all over the world. He just got home with bags of your granola and your quick Oats which he takes with him on his travels. Your cereals will be in Columbia next month giving my boy the needed energy to compete in 4-5 hour bike races!

Aaron says:

I’m going to share my BRM granola with my mom. She’s the other adventurous eater in the family!

Leah says:

I would share it with my lovely husband!

Laura Estes says:

My 14 yr old son Darby – I don’t know where the food goes, but he sure packs it in! (& he’s building a cyclocross bike – hoping to someday be on the Bob’s Red Mill team!!)

Tara says:

I would share with my 3 kids! We would make yogurt, granola and fruit parfaits for our evening snack. YUM!

Sarah says:

I would share them with Alarieloe.


My three daughters. Health and wellness through food is real. The sooner you practice that, the better off you’ll be.

Chelsea says:

I think each of my parents would each love some. We are all Bob’s Red Mill fans.

Jolleen Washburn says:

I would keep the honey to myself (because it’s my favorite) and give the other three to the food closet that I run through our church =) Our church and community have a lot of people in need so anytime I get extra food I like to donate it.

Mike says:

I would share the Apple-Blueberry flavor with my 5 year old daughter, because those are two of her favorite things to add to Bob’s oatmeal, and I would also share the Honey Oat with my 8 year old son who has just discovered that whole grains are WAY better than refined grains!

Jen Barefield says:

I would share this wonderful prize with my 4 year old son. He would eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…oh and snack time. He loves granola!

Elizabeth Reeves says:

I would share the granola with my 2 sons, 3 and 2 years old. We all have granola together most mornings. My husband would if he could, but he’s gluten-free…

Kristen says:

I would share with my daughter who loves yogurt with granola as much as I do.

Joy Frank says:

I would share my granola with my father Bill. He will be 73 years old this summer and he is such an adorable daddy. He worked so hard to raise his family and is now retired, but slowing down considerably. I talk with him all the time about eating healthy and getting some exercise. I love him so very much and he is a wonderful man. He deserves some healthy granola and I would be so happy to share some with him! Thank you!

Betty says:

I would share my treasure with my friend, Rachel. She is battling some medical issues that make it difficult for her to eat – she is just never hungry. It is a challenge to find something that is packed with nutrition and that tastes good – granola is perfect! She can mix it with yogurt, or just grab a few handfuls throughout the day.

Carla says:

Mmm, I love granola!! I would share this with my mother, who is working very hard to lose weight. She buys a lot of fast food because she doesn’t have time to make food. This ready-made, healthy granola is a great way for her to avoid the Big Macs!

ashley says:

I’d share with my sister.

Kantrice says:

I would share with my kids and my neice who has 4 boys under 7! Great people who loves Bob’s Red Mill also. We meet there for lunch about once a month.

Alyssa says:

After shopping at my local’s Henry Farmers Market, I decided to pick up the 5 Grain Rolled Cereal that happened to be on sale. I left it at my boyfriend’s and had it for breakfast whenever I needed it (yes, I did in fact share)…I’d definitely share the new granolas with my boyfriend because he is the king of granolas!

Geoff says:

I will bring a bag of granola to our “morning fuel” table, for all our church volunteers!

Jeff says:

I would share with my fellow runners, one in particular that I care deeply for, because I would want to share the wealth and the Health!

I suppose I would actually share it with four people, my husband and children. Even though I’ve practically had to do battle with them to get a few bites of our current stash of granola.

We are a granola loving family and if you don’t take dips on a bag quickly, you are out of luck. : )

K.Smith says:

I am a new convert to Bob’s Red Mill and I’d share the granola with a reader of my blog – spreading the wealth, so to speak!

Karen says:

I’m a BIG fan of the natural granola, so will be excited to taste the re-formulation. And cinnamon and raisin – can’t wait! I’d share it with my SO and also send some to my adult kids in another state.

Bev says:

I’d share it with my hubby, we’re trying to eat better and this would help!

Alison says:

I would share it with my husband…he wakes up early to go to work at the farm he works at…he can use all the energy he can get!

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