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Introducing Four New Granolas and a Chance to Win

Let me rephrase that… Introducing Two New Granolas and Two Reformulated Granolas! Yes, we’ve been working in our product development lab again which means we’ve got some new things to share with you.

We have always loved our granola, but over the years we have become disappointed with its lack of crunchy clusters and slightly embarrassed by its ingredients (read: maltodextrin). We wanted a clean ingredient list that we could bring home to our grandmothers and, gosh darn it, we wanted crunchy clusters to mix in our yogurt! We’ve spent the last few years tweaking and perfecting our granola until we came up with four granolas that we would feel confident entering in the state fair.

What did we do to make these granolas outshine their previous selves? First, we cleaned up the ingredient list a bit to use things like honey and molasses instead of maltodextrin. Second, we changed the equipment to allow for larger clumps of granola and prevent the clumps from jostling too much and crumbling apart. Finally, we decided to add two brand-new flavors to make these granolas even more irresistible—Cinnamon Raisin and Honey Oat (my personal fav). The two flavors we reformulated to be even more delicious are our Natural and our Apple Blueberry Granola.

These new granolas are available on our website (on sale for the month of April) and will start appearing on store shelves in the coming months. I wish I could say they were gluten-free, but I can’t. Rest assured, gluten free folks, we have something special in the works for you and hope to introduce it this fall.

We want to share our love for these new products by offering you a chance to be among the first to try them. I’m giving away four packages of granola- one of each flavor- to 10 lucky winners! AND I’m going to make it easy on you to enter.

How to Enter:

Four packages of granola is A LOT of granola, so all you need to do to enter is leave a comment here  on the blog or on our facebook page and tell me ONE person that you would share this prize pack with and why. I’m not going to tell you how you should share it, but it seems to me that everyone knows someone who would love a package of granola. I’ll select 10 entries by random selection from all of those who enter by 04/15/11 at midnight. I’ll announce winners on 04/18.


Lindsay McSweeney says:

I’d share it with my husband. We’re trying to eat more healthy and we use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill products already. This would add to the repertoire very nicely.

emma says:

Hello, I love all your products, and am so glad I can find them at caputo’s where I shop for fresh and healthy food.
If I am a happy winner, I’ll share these packages with my husband. He loves granolas and your healthy breakfast mixt, so I can’t wait to see his face beaming when he sees the brand new granolas you are preparing!
oh and of course I’ll spread the good news on my blog: as well as on my facebook and twitter accounts.
Emma, Illinois

Sara P. says:

I would share this with my brother. He LOVES granola (and you could also say that he IS pretty granola, if you know what I mean!)

Truc says:

I will profess to share it with my fiance, but will eat it all myself in a frenzy of crunchy, clustery oats.

Jen says:

I would share this with my dad. It would be perfect for him to take as a snack on the road (he’s a truck driver). He loves granola as a cereal for breakfast, too! 🙂

I would share this granola with my husband – we both love granola (hence my blog title!). The Apple/Blueberry sounds terrific!

Noelle says:

I would share this with my pregnant friend. She and I love granola and we are both sue around the same time! She lives 5 mins from me and I would totally give her some! Thanks for the giveaway!

AmandaonMaui says:

I would give this to my sister in law and her husband. They are struggling for money, and so this would help them alot!

Joanne says:

Do I HAVE to share?!!! Ok…
I’d share my prize with my sister. She has
been very successful in losing weight on a
new diet since January and eats very healthy
now. Bob’s Red MIll granola and other products would add more healthy nutrition to her new diet.

By the way, I love Bob’s Red Mill products. In fact, it’s the only kind of Steel Cut Oatmeal my husband and I will eat.

Penny says:

I totally love your stuff and your company. I would share it with my MIL. We both are working together to eat better and exercise. SHe would love it! I already love it.

I would share the granola with my husband and kids. But only a little bit. 😉


Heather Braden says:

I would share the granola with my family which is my husband and our son. We all love granola so it would not last long in our house.

Kimberly Miller says:

my mom, because I’m vegan , so whatever I can’t eat, she loves granola..i’ll give to her.

I’d like to share the granola pack with an elderly neighbor. He used to be a doctor and now is a patient himself (has at-home care). I bring him cakes and pies to taste and would love to bring him something healthy he can start his day with.

Christina says:

As a fan of the Red Mill Store, slowly but surely I’ve been introducing this gem to friends and family over breakfast and even lunch.

My brother will be the one that shares this granola goodness with me. He is training for the Vancouver and Portland Marathon’s (first timer) so this natural, local fuel is just what Dr. Bob ordered!

Thanks to the Red Mill Family in advance 🙂

elektricshaver says:

I would share it with my sister in law in Colorado. She loves healthy foods and I know she would appreciate Bob’s work. I was at the store last week and bought some of the Apple Blueberry. It’s divine…

Daniela says:

I would share with my adult son because he needs to follow my example and eat healthier.

Jeremy says:

I’d share with my daughter who is a Bob’s-a-holic between oatmeal and waffles. And then probably share some at one of the races this season with the rest of Team Quad

Kat says:

Great giveaway & the granola sounds tasty! I’d give this to the teachers at my son’s daycare, so they could pop into the kitchen to grab a quick bowl & a few minutes of quiet 😉

Adam says:

I would give it to Bob of Bob’s Red Mill so he would give me money. 🙂

Lisa says:

I’d share this with my friends at the gym who don’t eat healthy.. yet.

Janelle says:

I am part of an online Facebook group called the #PriorFatPack which consists of a group of people who follow a local blogger, @PriorFatGirl and I would share it with them after we finish our first 5K together.

Penelope says:

I would share this with my mom. She got me eating granola back when I was a kid in the 70’s, and I still love it today!!! Love the flavors of Bob’s Red Mill Granola!

Tracy says:

I’d share it with my 1.5 year old who LOVES granola!

Travis says:

I’d share the granola with my 6-yr old son. My wife and I have had him on a healthy diet since birth and granola would be a great addition to his grain intake.

Slonie says:

I’d share it with my rental cat @supcat, as he doesn’t get enough fiber in his diet.

Annette Frey says:

I’ll share with 3 friends who are very into clean eating! But I’m definitely keeping the apple blueberry for myself!

Okay, I might let my dog have a bite of mine too. Maybe….. she’s a huge BRM fan of course.

LisaMary says:

I would take it to work and share it with the girls in my store. Then they could finally begin to understand that “yummy” and “healthy” are NOT mutually exclusive

Jenny Oh says:

I would share it with my friend @slonie who told me about the contest! I’ve fallen out of love with granola for the same reasons – I crave crunchy granola – so please save me from eating plain yogurt for the rest of eternity!

Katie R says:

My co-workers love to top their yogurt with granola. I’d share the prize with them. Thanks!

Therese says:

I would definitely share it with my boyfriend who is a granola FREAK!

Amy W. says:

I would share this with my boyfriend because, on his insistence, we always eat the high fiber hot cereal for breakfast. While I love the hot cereal (Bob’s of course), I would like to change things up for the warm summer months and eat granola sprinkled on some yogurt instead!

Linda Fraught says:

I’d share it with my dad, who introduced me to BRM products when I was just a little girl. 🙂

Pam says:

I would share it with my hubby, because he deserves the very BEST and your’s is the BEST!

Thank you!

Robin Scott says:

Can you make a gluten free granola?

nick says:

I’d share the granola with my dad.

The reason: When I was in college, studying to be an engineer like my dad, I started failing thermodynamics. The first time I failed it was right before the summer. I took time off that summer to work at restaurant and fell in love with cooking. (The restaurant I worked at, coincidentally, made a great granola. I “borrowed” the recipe for my dad, who still makes full 20lb batches!)

After that summer, I told my dad that I hated studying engineering and that I wanted to switch to culinary school. He told me “Finish your engineering degree and if you still feel that way, I’ll pay for pay for culinary school.” Being a great offer, I accepted and gave thermodynamics a few more tries before finally passing.

I became an energy conservation engineer upon graduation and I never took him up on his generous offer, but I’d like to still say thanks with an appropriate gift. Also, he’s probably the only person I know that likes granola and yogurt more than me!

Jen says:

I’ll share it with my coworker since she is always looking for my granola recipes.

Deirdre says:

I’d share it with my parents because they raised me to enjoy granola.

Erin Gleason says:

I’ll share it with my son, who is almost two, and who loves to eat APPLE NOLA with his GO-GURT. 🙂

emily davis says:

My son. He’s the biggest reason we all started eating so much healthier. He’s 7 and would eat granola before any sugary cereal. He’s amazing. hugs..

nick says:

i would share with my girlfriend. because she likes things that are delicious; also because she puts up with me spending all my time riding my bicycle.

Nazli says:

I would share this with my 9-year old daughter to prove that breakfast can be incredibly yummy even when not eating Fruitloops.

Vera says:

I would share it with my husband because both of us have been trying to eat healthier food choices.

Coco says:

I love granola and the new flavors look great! Do I really have to share? I’d share with my husband, because he is trying to eat right, and it would be an easy delicious step for him in the right direction.

Alfred says:

I’d share it with family and friends, especially those who haven’t tried Bob’s Red Mill yet (but should!)

Bryan G says:

I will share it with my boys because it has to be much better for them than coco puffs!

Cassandra says:

I would share it with my husband who has been working so hard taking care of our 4 month old son while I went back to work.

Kirsty McLaren says:

I would share this yummy looking granola with my brother “aka the cereal monster” 😉 heck I would give hime a couple of bags so he wouldn’t eat all my cereal like he usually does!

Cheryl says:

I would share the granola with my child. I am not going to say which (probably more one) as I have nine and would not want to have to pick one. However you said one person so I will be sharing the granola with my child some sunny warm spring morning just before going out to the garden together

Elizabeth W says:

I would share the granola with my mom. We both have a love for granola in common….she puts a handful in her yogurt, I pour some into my oatmeal. We would both love to have the opportunity to try these new granolas!

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