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Hamilton Beach Breadmachine Giveaway


Last summer, I worked with the nice folks over at Hamilton Beach to help them launch a new bread machine with a gluten free bread setting—The HomeBaker 2 lb Bread Machine. They came to us for help with gluten free bread recipes and advice about gluten free baking in general. We also tested our mixes with the machine to be sure they would work before we embarked on this project. In return for our help and partnership, they gave me 3 of these machines to share with you guys! How cool is that??

I know bread machines seem like a throwback from the 80’s and many folks still have one lying around in the garage collecting dust, but they have seen a resurgence in the last few years with people looking for ways to eat better and eat fresher.

Do you know how easy a bread machine is?? Seriously, you just put the ingredients in and press a button. Before you know it, you’ve got fresh bread and a house that smells like a bakery. It’s the Crockpot of bread baking! I had sort of brushed them off as a another appliance to take up space in my kitchen, until I got one of these new Hamilton Beach machines to play with. It sat in its box for an embarrassing amount of time and when I finally pulled it out, it was with resignation. Ok, I have to use this so I can tell our readers about it. Let me tell you, after one loaf, I was hooked. Now I use it to make all sorts of things- like pizza dough. Just throw my ingredients in and come back in 90 minutes to wonderfully springy and perfectly risen pizza dough ready to be baked.

That’s the cool thing about this machine- it has all sorts of great settings (did I mention gluten free??) and a handy delay-start so I could put the ingredients in on my way to work and come home to fresh bread! Another problem that it solved for me was the rising temperature. The hubs likes to keep our house just above freezing, which makes it difficult to get my dough to rise properly and this machine keeps the dough the perfect temperature for rising- so no matter how frigid my house, I can still get my dough to rise.

Ok, enough about how much I am enjoying this machine. Now for the good parts! How can you enjoy this machine?


Three winners will receive a brand new Hamilton Beach Bread Machine and their choice of either our Gluten Free Bread Mix Gift Set or our regular Bread Mix Gift Set. As an extra bonus- there’s even a coupon inside for more of our bread mixes!!

How to Enter

It’s simple, but because of the nature of this giveaway, I need to be strict. If you don’t follow the rules exactly, I will not count you.

To enter, simply leave us a comment here, on our blog on this post, and tell us which gift pack you would like to win. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

Most importantly: YOU HAVE TO ENTER HERE ON OUR BLOG- NOT ON FACEBOOK. I’ll remind people to head over to our blog, if they enter on Facebook, but I won’t be looking there to pick the winners.

Winners will be chosen using from all those who enter by 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. I will announce winners by May 31st. Unfortunately, we have to limit winners to residents of the United States (our apologies to our Canadian friends).

Good luck!

Want more information about this machine? Check out this site for great info.

Terms and Conditions of Entry


Marie says:

Bread Mix Gift Set, please!

Thank you!

Kathy Wallace says:

I would love to with the bread maker along with the Gluten Free bread mix! Thank you so much for doing this!

I am new to a Gluten free diet and the only thing I am missing is a nice piece of bread! This would be perfect with of course, the gluten free mix. Thanks for the chance to win!

Mary says:

Regular bread mixes, Please

I had just been thinking about buying one when I get a job… Or perhaps as a graduation gift for myself. I would love e regular bread mix gift pack and would love to show that not all bread making machines gather dust.

Katie Spodyak says:

The Gluten Free Gift Set would be my choice. Please 🙂 and Thanks!

Corliss says:

I’d love the bread mix gift set. Thank you!!!!!

Priya says:

I would like to enter too although my mom entered already. I would like the bread mix.

Thank you.

Christie Sym says:

I’d be baking up a gluten free storm if I won that bread machine! I may be coeliac, but I love bread, and this would just rock my world!! 🙂

Elizabeth says:

With our family going Gluten Free, we’ve been looking for a new bread machine. This one looks great!

Kristina says:

I am very interested in owning a bread machine (^_^) and would be interested in either the bread mix gift set -or- the gluten free bread mix gift set! I, personally, am not gluten intolerant, but I have friends who are and I would be happy to make bread for them, as well.

Nita says:

Gluten free bread mix set, please! Maybe with a bread machine I could make gluten free bread that’s more than an inch tall. 🙂

Ann Westland says:

I’d love to win a regular Bread Mix Gift Set.

Michele says:

My son has autism and I am starting him on a gluten-free diet. This Hamilton Beach Bread Machine and their choice of either our Gluten Free Bread Mix gift set would be a wonderful way to start. He absolutely loves bread and we don’t have a bread machine and are on a tight budget. Thank you!!! 🙂

Mike says:

I’d love this bread machine, I hope I win!

Susan Kelley says:

I’d love the gluten-free mix. I make bread for my gluten-intolerant husband, and it would be great to save time and still have fresh bread for him.

Ruth Gonzales says:

Hey!!! I would love some bread too. How’s about a bread machine and a gluten free box set…. please.

Mary Wallaert says:

I hear this is a great bread maker. I want to be able to make bread like my little brother.

Jason says:

I would like to win theHamilton Beach Bread Machine and the Gluten Free Bread Mix Gift set.

Thank you for all you do for our Gluten Free family.

Nancy Dolan says:

I would love the bread machine and the conventional bread mix.Love Bob’s red mill products!

Christine Bobbish says:

i just shared this link on facebook and sent it to my cousin lynn and my friend maureen. both have celiac disease so am really hoping they post a comment here and win!

Glenda Stephenson says:

I would like to receive receive a brand new Hamilton Beach Bread Machine with your Gluten Free Bread Mix Gift Set. Thank you!

Cary says:

I would love the gluten-free set, please!

Dianna says:

I would love to have a Bread marker By Hamilton Beach. I love Bobs red mill products Thank you for the chance at this

Dianna says:

oh yea regular bread mix set thanks

Diane F says:

I would love the gluten free bread mix set. I buy Bob’s Red Mill flour all the time and really like it.

Melissa says:

We just recently found out that 2 maybe 3 of our kids are possibly dairy and/or gluten sensitive. The gluten free bread mix set would be a huge help. Thank you for your time and sharing this giveaway.

Katrina says:

I would absolutely love to win the regular one! Amazing giveaway!

Wildtroutbum says:

Love Bob’s Red Mill products…I bake quite frequently. and would love to have a bread machine.

Bethany says:

A bread machine with a gluten free setting would be amazing!! I just found out I was gluten intolerant and am missing bread for sure.
Gluten Free Bread Sampler would be awesome!

Alyssa says:

I would love to try the gluten-free mixes. Bob’s Red Mill products never disappoint! 🙂

Maryetta A says:

It would be great if I could win the Bread Mix Gift Set. Like many, many others we are getting older and all sorts of health issues have arisen, now we must completely change our lifestyle and eating habits – we are going to have to make our own breads but with MS it is quite difficult for me to do it myself.

I would love to win the gluten-free kit. I was recently found to have a gluten intolerance and have been working to modify my tried-and-true recipes into gluten-free. It has been fun, and I am glad there are products like Bob’s Red Mill out there to make life easier for me!

Robert Schroeter says:

I would love to win the Hamilton Beach Bread Machine and Gluten Free Bread Mix Gift Set. Thanks!

Janelle says:

Oh boy! The gluten free set pretty please!!! 🙂

Meghan says:

I’d love to win the Gluten Free Bread Sampler. It sounds great and would definitely love to start using a bread machine. More homemade bread would rock!

Judi Walter says:

I would love to win this bread machine and the regular bread mix set. I have wanted a bread machine forever!!

redring says:

gluten free bread set! baking gf bread so far has been a terrible trial. I did have a machine that was one of the ones someone had laying around. it worked like a charm for a while and then the heater went out. I have been soo unsure of what to get to replace it that is affordable that I have not replaced it. I do hope I win. it will solve the problem. 🙂 if not I hope someone GF wins the GF machine.

redring says:

oh for those who dont win. what is the machine name or #’? I would like to look it up.

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