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Gluten Free Macarons Giveaway!

French macarons are not to be confused with those delicious coconut mounds that your grandmother used to make (well, MY grandmother at any rate).  Unflaggingly popular in the blog world and specialty patisseries, these delightful little cookies are dramatically different from coconut macaroons. Crisp, fluffy and chewy all at the same time, macarons come in an abundance of flavors and enough colors to rival Joseph’s technicolor dream coat.

Most macarons are made using superfine sugar, almond meal (or ground almonds), powdered sugar, cream of tartar and egg whites, making them inherently gluten free. We all know how much flour flies around a bakery, which makes  finding one that you trust to make a treat gluten free is no small feat.

Sure, you can make your own, but geez! There are enough recipes with tips and pointers online to make you think twice before embarking on what just might be the most difficult cookie EVER. Well, maybe not, but I’ve yet to try my hand at it. All those techniques are intimidating.

Cue Nicole from Cookies by Cartier: a delightful online bakery that specializes in whimsical treats. Nicole has recently released a new line of gluten free treats—including gluten free macarons! Besides being gluten free, these macarons are adorned with images of Zelda, the world’s most famous English bulldog. Well, she might not be the most famous, but she’s pretty darn cute and has a whole line of  greeting cards. How does Zelda tie in with these cookies? When Nicole found out that Zelda’s owner has celiac disease she was inspired to create gluten free macarons.

We were lucky enough to taste these at our office a couple months ago (these are made with our almond meal) and, let me tell you, they are divine!

In honor of National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Nicole has kindly offered a box of these tasty little treats to two lucky readers. Each box contains a dozen gluten free macarons  adorned with Zelda’s adorable image.

How to Enter:

Visit Cookies by Cartier and tell us here or on Facebook which Zelda cookie set you would like to win if you are selected. There are two different sets to choose from.

Two winners will be randomly selected from all those who enter by midnight on 05/10/11. Winners will be announced no later than May 12th. If the chosen winner does not respond within a week, we will select a new winner (so be sure to check in and see if you won).


Jen says:

I would love to win Set #2! (Although Set #1 is cute as well.)

Katherine says:

the wedding ones are too cute!

Sandy says:

Yum! Reading the intricate recipes for French Macarons have discouraged me to even start!

Sandy says:

Oh, the first set, please.

Ellen says:

I would love to try Set #1. Cute dog 🙂

Jessie says:

I would love to have Set #1! So cute!

Janice says:

I would like to win Set #1.

Adam says:

I like Set #1. I really like the sunflower cookie!

Jim says:

I want to win Set #1 because I like the construction worker dog.

niria pena says:

I will be happy with just winning!!! I never win anything and a macaroon will be just perfect. You select the one for me if I win.
Good luck to everyone!

Geoffrey says:

ooooh the number 1 for sure! got to LOVE clown Zelda!

Renee says:

Set #2 looks great 🙂 My 1 and half year old LOVES “woof woofs”!!! He would get such a kick out of these!

I love set #1. I love the nurse hat on the dog. Very cute. It is Nurse’s Week after all. It is nice to be recognized and appreciated. 🙂

Katie R says:

OK, I know I’m late, but maybe my entry will still count? Anyway, I like set #1.

Susan says:

I’m still in <3 with "Mother's Day"! 🙂

Lisa Smith says:

Both are adorable, but I’d like to win set #1. They look almost too cute to eat!

Lisa Smith says:

Oops…just realized the contest is over…lol! Darn!

Charlie says:

Set #1 pleeeeze 🙂

Lorraine Fenton says:

Just found out I’m gluten sensitive-not happy about it. Would love to win set #2

Shannon Parrish says:

I would love to win the gluten free sugar free ones!

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