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Cookbook Extravaganza + 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes {Giveaway}

Wow. How did November sneak up on me this year? Maybe I was so focused on Halloween that I forgot November came right after it? Or I’m just getting older and time is just going faster. Either way, November is here and everyone in the office is talking about Thanksgiving dishes and Christmas shopping. To make both of those things a little easier this year, I’ve got some sweet cookbooks to giveaway. We did this last year in December, but I’m starting it earlier this year- that way, if you win, you have time to use it or time to gift it to someone special.

Here are what will be up for grabs over the next 7 weeks. We’ve reviewed several of these before, so I’ve linked to our old posts so you can get more info.

This week: 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes (signed edition) by Carol Fenster
Week of 11/7: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François
Week of 11/14: Babycakes Covers the Classics by Erin McKenna & 12 Days of Morseliciousness by Mo the Morselist (ebook)
Week of 11/21: The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook by Judith Finlayson
Week of 11/28: Quinoa 365 by Green & Hemming
Week of 12/05: Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook (signed edition) by Miriam Backes and the Bob’s Red Mill Family
Week of 12/12: Bob’s Red Mill Baking Book (signed edition) by John Ettinger and the Bob’s Red Mill Family

This week, we’re going to giveaway a copy of Carol Fenster’s 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes. All we need to say about this book is that it’s the very best of Carol’s extensive work boiled down into one beautiful full-color book. Each recipe is easy to follow and uses ingredients you recognize. As with all of her books, Carol provides a great introduction to eating gluten free with tips and tricks for navigating the gluten free diet.

How to enter:
We tried this neat giveaway tool last week, but it worked for only some of you. Here’s the kicker, you have to enter using this tool below or I won’t count your entry. Giveaways are kind of complicated and this makes it far easier- so enter your comment THEN CLICK ON “I DID THIS”  so you can be entered.


Jane McNally says:

Believe it or not, I’m intimidated every year by my Thanksgiving gravy. I always have backup jarred or canned stuff JUST IN CASE but have yet to ever use it. Now, even though I’m almost sure it will be as delicious as it is every year, I must buy the jarred or canned stuff because if I don’t have it, I know I’ll need it. It’s that Murphy’s Law thing 🙂

Sarah Matheny says:

We are cooking desserts for our gluten free guests for the first time ever this year and that is definitely what I am most challenged by. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Shannon says:

Definitely gravy.

jana b. says:

Baking gluten-free is intimidating, but I’m SO interested in learning!

Carlene says:

Wow! It would be awesome to win this. My husband just started eliminating gluten today!

This sounds great! My husband is gluten free and believe it or not we don’t have one cookbook to reference! Thanks for the giveaway!

Gail G says:

I’m only one month into trying to living gluten free! Help! I need to learn to make over my entire holiday season menu! I’m intimidated by it all! I’d love to learn to confidently make some GF holiday cookies that “pass” as the traditional ones. Thanks!!!

Debbie says:

All gluten free is hard for me, but bread is my biggest challenge.

George says:

We have just recently had to go gluten-free, so everything is intimidating at this time. This cookbook would be greatly appreciated.

My family is still fairly new to gluten-free eating after my 2 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance this summer. I find recipes online, but I love cookbooks and would love to have a Gluten Free cookbook to reference.

Rebekah says:

I would love to win this. Love cookbooks and this would be nice to have.

Heather says:

I’m not really intimidated by much of anything in the kitchen anymore, but I will say that I never liked cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. I did it, but it wasn’t fun. This year? As a vegetarian, I’m doing without. What a relief! LOL

Pie crust! Never done it! I’ve also always been intimidated by gluten free bloggers and recipes which require mixing a bunch of different types of flours… I always just use bob’s GF all purpose!

Kristin Caudill says:

Always love new recipes to try! I’ve been GF for 2 years now and still love finding something new to try. Thanks for the giveaway.

renee keihn says:

my family is newely diagnosed being gluten intolerant and really need help in keeping everyone comfortable over the holidays….

Kristina says:

Wow, I would love to win this cookbook. I’m just starting on my gluten free journey, and I’m making the Thanksgiving dinner. I’m totally intimitated by the whole thing! I have to find GF makeovers for the gravy, casseroles and pumpkin pie (or dessert) Wish me luck.

Tom says:


Michelle Rivas says:

We are cooking desserts for our gluten free guests for the first time ever this year and that is definitely what I am most challenged by. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Melissa says:

Stuffing, I so love it, but tried GF last yr and it ended badly, lol….

Allison Roland says:

New to Gluten Free and would LOVE the cookbook!!!!! Thanks!

Rhonda Shotts says:

Absolutely the meat portion of any holiday feast. It usually comes out great despite my fretting, but I’m always afraid of over/under cooking it.

Gabriella Sprenger says:

Pies, I’m not good at the crust part

Mary says:

This is our first year with gf holiday cooking, so changing stuffing and dessert recipes will be challenging. We have dairy issues too, so making our favorite pumpkin jelly roll with cream cheese is a must to find an alternative filling.

Nancy Shogren says:

I buy Gluten Free but have not cooked Gluten Free. I need to learn how because I have celiac disease.

Crystal Arsenault says:

I love having good desserts, especially at Christmas time…so making yummy desserts, like Christmas cookies, probably intimidates me the most! Also my grandmother makes a turkey stew with leftover turkey, and she makes it with these great dumplings, so it’d be nice to find a gluten free alternative to that!

I am new to gluten free. I am worried about stuffing as I LOVE stuffing… the rest is meat and veggies and are gluten free anyway. But the Turkey is always a worry.. is it overcooked? Is it undercooked? Then there is dessert!!! Not this year! 🙂

alethea jones says:

i’m nervous about making my first gluten free pie crust.

Jessica C. says:

Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday. This will be our second year GF and I hope to make it better than last year.

Holly Keegan says:

Since learning I needed to be gluten free, I’m most intimidated by making stuffing that everyone will like and that I can eat. No easy feat!

This is one category where eating healthy doesn’t have to mean “tastes like paste.”

terri says:

Challah and cookies of all sorts.

MJ C says:

I’m gluten intolerant, have an almond allergy & I’m vegan! This recipe book would be incredibly helpful to help mecook and bake according to my limited diet! Thank you for giving us the opportunity!!

drew morgan says:

Grandma’s angelfood cake!

Carrie Wilhelm says:

Before I was GF, the turkey always scared me. I never wanted to over or under-cook it. This year, figuring out how to make GF green bean casserole is my concern. I think everything else will be fine!!

Steph W says:

I just found out almost 3 months ago that I have celiac. Needless to say, my blood pressure rises when I just thing about navigating the holidays now. This book would DEFINITELY help me and being able to share recipes of things that I can eat and still taste yummy to everyone else would be a great thing!

Carol says:

the turkey itself frazzles me … big, so cumbersome,so difficult to move from fridge to counter to rinse to stuff to put in oven, and then reversing the whole process…maybe going vegan is a good idea!

Alyson Kresser says:

Looks like a great resource! We are always looking for great gluten free recipes.

Katie C. says:

Wow! I would love to win this cookbook. I have been a gluten-free vegan for six months now in order to control my rheumatoid arthritis. It would be fantastic to have some new recipes to try!

Katie C. says:

Oops, all that and I forgot to say which holiday dish was toughest for me! I haven’t even attempted a gluten-free pie crust yet because I’m so worried about the texture.

LeAnn Stowell says:

Pie…..GF pie crusts really intimidate me. Never sure if GF flour is going to translate well to my family recipe.

cara says:


Erin Passmonick says:

Dressing. I love it and have never. made it gluten free.

Amy Hunt says:

Gravy is tricky! Would love to start my Autistic 5 year old on a gluten free diet and this cookbook would be awesome for ideas!

jill says:

Definitely intimidated own gfree pie!

Karen says:

I have a sister with a gluten allergy, and I do rolls every year, and I’m intimidated by doing gluten free rolls.

Elizabeth Clere says:

This will be my first holiday eating gluten free….scares me a little…i want to be able to eat what i want! I am hoping to accomplish to make most of it gluten free!

Michelle W. says:

Fruit cake…eeek! Well, almost any dessert actually!

Jenny Holdgrafer says:

This will be my first Thanksgiving being GF, along with my daughter…so the whole meal is overwelming! I have learned to make pumpkin pie free & veggies & most other foods will be ok but stuffing…very worried about such an important part of this very family orienated holiday!!! I want everyone to enjoy everything!

Tobi Drabczyk says:

The turkey and the gravy make me nervous every year

Amy says:

Awesome giveaways! thanks and thanks PCC for sharing.

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