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Cookbook Extravaganza + 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes {Giveaway}

Wow. How did November sneak up on me this year? Maybe I was so focused on Halloween that I forgot November came right after it? Or I’m just getting older and time is just going faster. Either way, November is here and everyone in the office is talking about Thanksgiving dishes and Christmas shopping. To make both of those things a little easier this year, I’ve got some sweet cookbooks to giveaway. We did this last year in December, but I’m starting it earlier this year- that way, if you win, you have time to use it or time to gift it to someone special.

Here are what will be up for grabs over the next 7 weeks. We’ve reviewed several of these before, so I’ve linked to our old posts so you can get more info.

This week: 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes (signed edition) by Carol Fenster
Week of 11/7: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François
Week of 11/14: Babycakes Covers the Classics by Erin McKenna & 12 Days of Morseliciousness by Mo the Morselist (ebook)
Week of 11/21: The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook by Judith Finlayson
Week of 11/28: Quinoa 365 by Green & Hemming
Week of 12/05: Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook (signed edition) by Miriam Backes and the Bob’s Red Mill Family
Week of 12/12: Bob’s Red Mill Baking Book (signed edition) by John Ettinger and the Bob’s Red Mill Family

This week, we’re going to giveaway a copy of Carol Fenster’s 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes. All we need to say about this book is that it’s the very best of Carol’s extensive work boiled down into one beautiful full-color book. Each recipe is easy to follow and uses ingredients you recognize. As with all of her books, Carol provides a great introduction to eating gluten free with tips and tricks for navigating the gluten free diet.

How to enter:
We tried this neat giveaway tool last week, but it worked for only some of you. Here’s the kicker, you have to enter using this tool below or I won’t count your entry. Giveaways are kind of complicated and this makes it far easier- so enter your comment THEN CLICK ON “I DID THIS”  so you can be entered.


Denise M says:

I am most intimidated by making my own gluten free pies that involves actual dough. I usually just press in cookie crumbs mixed with butter

Erika says:

I love testing out new gluten free recipes. This book seems great for inspiration for all kinds of meals.

kristen terga says:

Id love to win this. It would help us have a gfree Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and everything in between. 🙂

Deborah J Austin says:

Stuffing- I’m always looking for something different, but year after year, it ALWAYS comes out tasting the same.. :/

Elizabeth says:

This will be my first holiday season going gluten free so it will all be trial and error!

TiffanyD says:

Definitely sugar cookies!! I is hard to get just the right taste and texture.

Natasha Gildea says:

I would love this book! I just found out I have Hashimoto’s and need to start eating gluten free…

Mathew Ladd says:

Although most people may not consider it a holiday related dish…I have the HARDEST time with angel food cakes and desserts like creme brulee. I try again and again to get them correct, and don’t seem to have much luck. Any of these books have a good gluten-free recipe I can try for either of those? Maybe I’ll have more luck!

Maria says:

I’m new to the gluten-free world (just recently discovered that I’m gluten intolerant) and this book would be a huge help for me.

Marla H says:

I love baking but I have several friends who are much happier on a gluten-free diet. I’d love to be able to learn more and bake treats for them!

Nita says:

Not many things intimidate me after several years of gluten, egg, and dairy-free cooking, but I am still intimidated by double-crust pies. I would love to have apple pie, but have never been able to convince myself to try a double-crust!

Jackie says:

Most gluten free dishes intimidate me – sometimes it’s hard not to fall back on those tried and true traditional recipes. We don’t have gluten intolerance or Celiac in our family but I’d like to incorporate more gluten-free dishes into our weekly menus. Recipes with pictures always lessen the anxiety!

Denise says:

Pies have always been difficult.

Suz says:

Sadly, the turkey intimidates me the most. But this year, I’m armed with a clay oven so I’m not so afraid. Now if only I could learn how to carve it…

Kim says:

i’m most intimidated by all of the holiday COOKIES i will be confronted with! i only have a gluten intolerance so technically i could eat them, but i’d rather have delicious GF versions of the classics so that my tummy is happy come december 26th!

Marla H says:

Oops, didn’t read all the instructions. I’ve never made a whole Thanksgiving Turkey, just the breasts. The size of the bird is intimidating. One day I will, until then my friends and family seem happy that I like to bring desserts.

Julie says:

I would love to learn more about gluten free cooking. Through trial and error I’ve had some successes and some…not successes with GF recipes.

Alan says:

Almost anything GF is intimidating as I’m a novice!

Sara K. says:

Probably holiday cookies in general. I’m a sucker for a good cookie and going GF has proven challenging in this arena.

CCM says:

I cook for family members who are on GF diets and have found it’s healthier for all!

Cindy Miller says:

I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law who is gluten intolerant and is pregnant, to find some good alternatives to good old Holiday foods!!

Gwen A says:

I am most intimidated trying to find a really good, high quality, vegetarian AND gluten-free main dish to take over the place of the turkey or ham.

Fortunately I can bake a wicked gluten-free cake.

If anybody has fabulous sugar cookie recipes, I’d be very interested in having those too!

Becky says:

I use roll dough to make a Christmas tree shaped bread. It is rolled out, filled with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar & nuts. I have yet to find a gluten free dough that rolls out firmly enough to be able to shape it like the basic roll dough I usually use.

Jolene says:

Gravy…I’m afraid of lumps!

Kimberly says:

This would be great to have so that I could cook for my Mom. 🙂

Alicia McNee says:

I was diagnosed with celiacs about two years ago and have been struggling for the last few months to stay with the diet. Every cook book helps!

Sara F. says:

I am still scarred by my first and only attempt at making a pumpkin pie from real pumpkin. Even after five hours in the oven, it didn’t set. And I filled the shell too full, so filling sloshed all over the inside of the oven, where it burnt to a nice black crisp.

Becky says:

I’ve been afraid to make gluten free pie crust!

Chrisitan says:

My boyfriend loves stuffing. I have yet to tackle gluten free stuffing. I think this year I might give it a try. Would love to win this cookbook!

Maggie Drake says:

Pie crusts and cobblers. I have lots of fruit in the orchard and garden, and I need gluten-free, low-carb alternatives. I’m new to this.

Tiffiny says:

Everything! I am new to GF and feel like I have to learn how to cook all over again.

Last year, right after I was diagnosed, I was intimidated by it all…this year I am so excited for it…I have great recipes for everything and they work and taste good!

Betsy says:

I would love to win this!

Kirstie says:

Desserts in general are somewhat hard for me already, so I think pie crusts, cobblers, and my stone slumps will be a tad trickier this year also. I use natural foods, always on a search for abundant health, so adding gluten free will further enhance that.

Grace Fox says:

This is my first year going gluten-free (thanks to a thyroiditis diagnosis) and so the whole holiday is intimidating to me, especially as we will be attending my in-law’s thanksgiving, which is sure to NOT be gluten free. I honestly have no clue what I can eat, what every ingredient they used was, or which part of the meal I should prepare. I fear I will be reduced to turkey, salad, and plain (no gravy) mashed potatoes, and no dessert. This holiday will be an adventure.

Rachel Blom says:

Right now any dish is intimidating because I just found out two weeks ago that my 7 yo dd is allergic to wheat.

Ashley Hansen says:

Stuffing! How the heck do you make this without gluten?? Seems impossible.

Rich says:

About to try some gluten-free baking for the first time. The inspiration was seeing family members react to gluten. Since eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean giving up flavor, I’m excited to try new recipes.

Ginny Hurst says:

I would love to know how to make a GF stuffing & gravy!

Jo Ann O. says:

I love to bake but struggling to make gf stuff for my boyfriend who has gluten allergy. A gf cookbook would be wonderful to have on hand!

danielle says:

An entire thanksgiving meal! Last year was my first gf and we stayed home and didn’t do a traditional meal..I still haven’t figured it out for this year!

MJ says:

I recently discovered my allergy to gluten. After eating wheat my whole life, I only have cookbooks/recipes for flour. So, I would LOVE to have this cookbook! 🙂

Debra Underwood says:

I would love to have this book. My autistic child has been on a gluten free diet for about two months and I need some recipe ideas.

Lara W says:

Yep, definitely a creamy pie, like Pumpkin or Chocolate, since I’m allergic to milk AND gluten. 🙁

Samantha Alicia says:

Pie crust! I’m thinking of making pumpkin creme brûlée instead this year. I’m excited about using Bob’s Redmill Cornbread mix to make jalapeño cheddar cornbread stuffing, though!

Valerie says:

November marks my 1 year anniversary with going gluten free. I would love to have this cookbook as I am always looking for new and interesting (and safe!) recipes to try. I hate getting stuck in a rut, and that’s how I feel right now when it comes to my GF cooking.

A Autenrieth says:

There are several in my family who require gluten-free… Can do quick breads quite well. Pie crusts and yeast breads are what I’d like to make well. This cookbook and all your great flours would, perhaps, make my baking adventures a true success! 🙂

Sharon Cody says:

Winning this book would allow us to enjoy a deliciously gluten-free holiday. Fingers crossed.

Laura F says:

I’m new to gluten free cooking, so I can use all the help I can get. I am actually afraid to cook most things because I am not sure how my family will react to the way they taste. They are more than willing to try new stuff, but I always worry about what they think of the things that I am cooking.

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