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Babycakes Covers the Classics: Giveaway

See? I told you I had loads of good stuff to giveaway. I have more stuff to give away than I can possibly manage!

If you have not yet heard of Erin McKenna’s fabulous bakeries in New York and Los Angeles, Babycakes is a must-try if you’re ever in the area. If you’re not, you can always order her delectable treats online at her website OR you can buy her cookbooks. Babycakes specializes in gluten free and vegan desserts that are out of this world. I say that from first hand experience. Not only have I tried treats from the cookbooks, a coworker once brought me Babycakes donuts all the way from NYC just so we could see what all of the fuss was about. After a few days in travel, they still tasted amazing.

At the bakeries, Erin creates delectable goodies from spelt flour, as well as gluten free flours. As much as we love Erin and her bakery, we were disappointed to see Spelt Flour as an ingredient in her first book, Babycakes. Nothing wrong with spelt flour, mind you, but it’s hard to get super excited about a new gluten free cookbook that also uses spelt flour. I was profoundly excited when her new book, Babycakes Covers the Classics arrived and there was not a single recipe with spelt flour… but almost all of them use at least one of our gluten free flours!

We did some taste testing around here to be sure this book deserved our full support (ok, we just wanted cookies) and not only did the recipes pass the taste test with us, they passed the test with Bob and others who didn’t know the treats were gluten free.

Erin’s book is available for sale today at and, and will be available for sale on our website in the next month or so. In the meantime, Erin sent us 3 copies to give away to our readers. We’re pairing this awesome book with a package of our Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour, which you will find featured in many of the recipes in the book. In case you missed it, all the recipes in here are gluten free and casein free and vegan!

How to Enter:

We’ve had so many giveaways going that I’ve got to keep it simple or I’ll never have time to pick the winners. Tell us in the comments here (on the blog or on Facebook) about a classic dessert that you’ve always wanted to try as gluten free, but haven’t been brave enough to try. That’s it. I’ll pick 3 winners at random from all of those who enter by 04/19 at midnight.


Kristen Teufel says:

Both Red Velvet Cake and Rugelach… two of my all time favorites that are everywhere in New York City but I haven’t gotten a chance to have (or make) vegan!

Karen Brady says:

This is an easy one for me…


A gluten-free cannoli would be amazing.

Odette says:

Red velvet cake! YUMM!

Lacey Johnson says:

I would say donuts as well. I am a donut fanatic..I absolutely love them, but have not yet tried the gluten-free version. I am planning on buying a donut pan very soon so that I can try them out!

Jodi says:

Doughnuts!! I’d love to try the Babycakes recipe. But my other gfree fantasy is croissants. I’ve got some recipes but I haven’t yet summoned the courage to try them. Thanks for the giveaway!

Hannah says:

I would LOVE to have a great gluten-free gingerbread recipe. Last winter I had a vision of a wintry parfait featuring gingerbread, caramel ice cream, pomegranate arils, and candied lemon peel. I so want to make that vision a reality! 🙂

Rowena says:

I would like to attempt to make gluten-free madeleines. The ones at Babycakes are amazing!

Baklava! I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, but still haven’t worked up the courage 🙂

Gina says:

Red Velvet Cake for sure!!!!!!

Teawench says:

Pretty much any cake. I love cake in all it’s forms.

Jolene says:

A churro would be sooooo nice. Or to level up– churro cupcakes!

Rebecca says:

Muffins! But not just any old muffin – the perfect blueberry muffin, like I used to make before Celiacs got me!

Caitlin says:

Orange Blossom Muffins. I tried to make orange-ish cupcakes.. kinda/sorta worked.

Courtney says:

Angle food cake!


Brittany says:

Cinnamon buns… my grandmother used to make these amazing yeasted cinnamon buns and I haven’t had anything like them since she died a few years ago, and now that I’m gluten-free I’m not sure I’ll be able to re-create them!

Mary P says:

Whoopie pies, the classic kind — chocolate cake with marshmallow filling.

Regina v.E. says:

Madeleines, so french. I absolutely would love it if I could make them gluten-free.

Becky P says:

At first I was very leary of trying recipes that were GFCF… but it was the original Babycakes cookbook that helped me get over my fears of baking! I have loved EVERYTHING I have tried in her first cookbook and can’t wait to get the new one! Erin Mckenna is a lifesaver! Thanks to her, there isn’t a dessert that I haven’t attempted GFCF!

David P says:

I haven’t been brave enough to try a GFCF Cheesecake yet!

Zoe says:

Making gluten-free snickerdoodles from scratch. The first – and only time so far – I’ve made gluten-free snickerdoodles was according to the recipe in “The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free” and I used Bob’s Red Mill vanilla cake mix with delectable results.

Kelly says:

I was going to say red velvet cake, but madeleines are even bigger to tackle!

Paula says:

It has to be pound cake. I am from the south and we love to give pound cakes for every occasion… celebrations, holidays, summer (with every kind of berry on top). Make a gluten-free, perhaps with agave nectar…do that and you could publish a book with only that one recipe and it would be a southern best seller!

Jenny says:

I am dying to try my hand at making a gluten free version of Tiramisu. It is my all time favorite dessert but i’m stuck on how to make the lady fingers.

Marita says:

Chocolate Lush would be great as a gluten-free option… 🙂

Maralie says:


Abby says:

Gluten-free ice cream sandwiches or gluten-free cinnamon rolls – I think the latter would be especially hard to do well, with warm frosting on top, that’s a must!

Kathy says:

My family loves my chiffon cakes.
I’d like to learn how to make all kinds of gluten free cakes.

Joanna says:

It’s a total toss-up between donuts and Madelines!

Melisa says:

My great grandmother’s rugelach!

Annette Frey says:

Hamentasachen and rugalach! And a classic, classic apple pie!

Natalie Kaffee says:

Sticky Toffee Pudding, a true english desert (I am English) and something I am terrified to try, however it’s only a matter of time before the craving kicks in!

Joy says:

Donuts! I’d love to get up the nerve to make GF donuts!

Rebecca says:

I’ve always wanted to try gluten-free glazed chocolate donut holes!!

Nancy K says:

I would looooove to be able to make a family favorite and classic, “Jessie Griffin’s Big Apple Pie” (my Great-Grandmother), but I just cannot master a gluten free crust! And Cinnamon Buns…*sigh*

Liz says:

Just seeing “Snickerdoodles” in the title is enough for me! I grew up on those delicious little cookies & would love to try a gluten-free version! Either that, or the elephant ears my grandfather used to make. Yum.

Kim Buckton says:

I would love some good gluten free coffee cake!

Devon says:

I would love to make some gluten-free, vegan lemon bars 🙂

Angelika says:

There are two classic recipes I’d live to make gluten and sugar free.

After a long run, or a race, I’d love to celebrate with a donut and coffee.

Other times, I want to make eclairs like I did as a little girl with my grandma. (Followed by a taste test to make sure they’re good enough to serve).

Laura says:

Donuts, for SURE. It’s the American way!

Athena says:

I used to make killer chocolate covered pretzels. Would love to figure out how to make GF pretzels to continue a long family tradition of chocolate covered pretzels during the holiday season (and anytime!)

Katy says:

Puff Pastry! Im a pastry Chef and would LOVE to be able to make puff pastry GF and Vegan for my customers!!! Also Whoopie Pies, those are very missed!!!

Jennifer Taylor says:

If I could make GF Lemon Creme Pie (with a traditional-style pie crust), I’d be in yum-yum Heaven!

Any/all recipes- recently diagnosed with celiac, relearning to cook!

James says:

Cinnamon rolls!

Heather Leigh says:

Cinnamon Bun. My mouth drools when I think of them.

Dianna says:

I missed my Cinnamon Rolls with mashed potatoes in the recipe. They were wonderful and I miss having one to eat occasionally.

Emily G says:

G-free sweet, fluffy Cinnamon rolls! I would LOVE to make these!

Maxine Shepard says:

I’d love to try a wheat free version of tiramisu. Or puff pastry for an Italian dessert called Bongo.

Nita says:

Apple pie! I’m pretty brave about trying things, but I would be soooo disappointed if I made an apple pie that wasn’t quite right.

My favorite chocolate cake and our family Kringle

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